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4 Benefits of Managed Peer Tutoring Programs

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As higher education continues to navigate the uncertainties of COVID-19 and its newly emerged Delta variant, not to mention the widespread budget cuts being faced, it’s only natural for campuses to seek the most impactful student success initiatives at the most affordable cost. 

One surefire solution? Managed Peer Tutoring Programs – powered by peer tutors, hired and managed by Knack. 

Here are four reasons why Knack’s Managed Peer Tutoring Programs make sense for all stakeholders. 


Engaging more peer tutors = more course coverage for students

Traditional staffed tutoring programs leverage historical data to determine the courses in need of tutors. This often results in static course coverage, which inadvertently leaves many students in need of tutoring behind. Hiring tutors as independent contractors with a partner like Knack, in contrast, allows campuses to onboard and scale tutoring programs to provide significantly greater course coverage and accessibility for students.


Not tutoring? No payouts for down time. 

When Knack hires and manages peer tutors, it means campuses only pay for actual tutoring hours attended. No billing for unattended sessions, no billing for unbooked availability – simple as that. 

Additionally, with Managed Peer Tutoring Programs, student activity is no longer confined to a set schedule. This means your academic support is now aligned with the ever-shifting demand of your diverse student population – peer tutoring 24/7/365,  whenever and wherever it’s needed.


It’s easy to administer 

Managed Peer Tutoring Programs not only give money back to campuses, they give back increasingly valuable time. By nature of tutors being independently hired by Knack, peer tutors in Managed Peer Tutoring Programs are empowered to take ownership of the scheduling and delivery of their tutoring activity with students. Not only does this offer tutors valuable employment opportunities, but it also creates opportunities for more students to develop crucial career-building soft skills, while fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. These academically-rooted social interactions provide students with support that spans beyond course content, fostering a sense of community and belonging – most important in a time like now. Students and tutors can drive usage, schedule and respond to queries and appointments as they come in, on their own terms. 


Lower costs

Managed Peer Tutoring Programs through Knack means allowing us to hire your top students as independently contracted peer tutors rather than W2 employees. This means campuses can eliminate historical hiring delays, and potentially even save thousands of dollars that would be traditionally spent on management, recruitment and onboarding in the traditional campus hiring model. Managed Peer Tutoring programs allow higher educational institutions to power their tutoring with networks of highly qualified and motivated students serving their fellow students – on their own campus. These tutors are then hired, trained, and managed by Knack, similar to how campus dining vendors employ students to operate services. 


After 6 years, 80+ campuses launched, and over a million students with access to Knack along the way, we’ve learned how to unlock the power of peer-to-peer learning on campuses across the country – from four-year, Research I universities to community colleges and everything in between.

Want to learn how a Knack Managed Peer Tutoring Program can do the same for your campus? Get in touch with us here.