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Knack's Synchronous Training Sessions are an Interactive Way for Tutors to Gain Essential Skills

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Peer tutoring has become increasingly popular over the years as it provides an affordable and effective way for colleges and universities to provide students with additional academic support. However, being a peer tutor is not as simple as just knowing the subject matter. It requires specific skills and training to ensure tutoring sessions are productive and effective. This is where training for tutors comes in!

The Knack peer tutoring training program is designed to equip peer tutors with the necessary skills and knowledge to be effective in their role. In addition to our asynchronous modules which cover The Basics, Tutoring Ethics, Effective Communication, and Learning  Strategies – built in accordance with the College Reading & Learning Association’s ITTPC standards – we now offer synchronous training sessions for our Knack tutors. 

The synchronous training, also built in accordance with ITTPC standards, consists of five one-hour synchronous training sessions covering essential topics such as online tutoring, learning theories in academic support, course/syllabus analysis, problem solving models, and utilization of graphic organizers.

Feedback from Knack peer tutors who attended the training sessions was overwhelmingly positive, with many citing the condensed and informative nature of the sessions. Additionally, many tutors appreciated the engaging and interactive format, which allowed for open conversations and critical thinking. The training sessions were also lauded for their practicality, with many tutors finding the information presented useful and relevant to their role.

Craig F., a computer programming tutor from Miami Dade College, found the session on problem solving models the most helpful.

“I could visualize the application of many of these techniques in a tutoring session along with the benefits that a tutor and tutee would gain.”

He also shared that the sessions were conducted “in a professional manner, the information provided was solution orientated, and the delivery of this information was clear and concise.”

One tutor’s suggestion for improvement is to have the tutors propose problematic situations that may arise during tutoring sessions and discuss the best ways to navigate them. This would provide an opportunity for tutors to engage in scenario-based learning, which is a highly effective way of developing problem-solving skills. Another tutor suggested we lengthen the sessions by at least 15 minutes to allow for even more interaction and conversation among Knack tutors from across the nation. 

As with effective peer-to-peer tutoring relationships, these training sessions are mutually beneficial to both Knack and training attendees. 

The Knack peer tutor training program provides essential skills and knowledge for tutors to be effective in their roles. The interactive and engaging format of the synchronous training sessions encourages critical thinking and open conversations, making it an effective and enjoyable learning experience. By providing professional training for tutors, Knack is not only helping peer tutors succeed in their role but also helping students receive the academic support they need to succeed.

If you would to learn about synchronous training for your Knack tutors, contact your Partner Success Manager.