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Access Your Tutoring Activity Data with CSV Exports

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At Knack, we understand the importance of accessing and analyzing tutoring activity data to enhance academic support services. To facilitate this, partner institutions can now enable the generation and delivery of comprehensive CSV files containing all tutoring activity. This data export feature, accessible via SFTP, allows customers to seamlessly integrate Knack data into any systems they may be using which can automatically load from an SFTP server.

Once activated, CSV files will be delivered nightly to the outbox/exports/directory on Knack's SFTP server for your organization, ensuring they are available by 5 AM Eastern Time. The CSV export includes detailed information on tutor requests, sessions, and user sessions.

  • The tutor requests file contains comprehensive data on all tutor requests, growing incrementally each night. This includes key data fields such as the unique tutor request ID, status (e.g., Open, Resolved, Closed), user details (e.g., user ID, full name), and course information (e.g., course ID, course name).
  • The sessions file provides detailed information on all tutoring sessions. This file includes fields such as the unique session ID, status (e.g., Requested, Scheduled, Completed), session type (e.g., Scheduled, On Demand), and tutor details (e.g., tutor ID, full name). Additionally, it records session timing (e.g., start time, end time, duration) and modality (e.g., online, in-person).
  • The users sessions file contains one row for each student in a session, helping track individual student engagement. Key data fields include the unique session student ID, session ID, user details (e.g., user ID, full name), course information (e.g., course ID, course name), and session timing (e.g., start time, end time, duration).

By enabling this feature, our partner institutions can gain deeper visibility into their tutoring program's performance and integrate this data with their existing systems for enhanced analysis and reporting. We are continuously working to enhance our data offerings, and in response to user requests, we will soon be adding the capability to generate a full list of users for the organization through these same mechanisms.

Further details and full file specifications are available for review on our Help Center. You may also contact your Knack Partner Success Manager today to start receiving nightly CSV exports and unlock the full potential of your academic support data.