Will Kelly

Why Certain Students Don’t Use Tutoring

It often seems as though the students who would benefit the most from using tutoring are the same students who are least likely to seek it out. 

Student Story: Katie Mote

“Personal training. I really enjoy helping people not only lose weight but also find a passion for...

Student Story: William Poulos

“Storytelling. I’m a Dungeons and Dragons Game Master.”

Tutor Story: Jonathan Franklin

“Basketball. I love basketball. I’m a huge fan and I play it myself.”

Tutor Story: Igor Schattan

“Tennis. I traveled the world playing competitive tennis from eleven to sixteen. Then, I had to...

Tutor Story: Nandini Agarwal

“Public speaking and event planning. I have a knack for organizing big events and hosting or...

Tutor Story: Sonia Duraimurugan

“Music. I play the violin and the piano, and I like to compose songs.”

Tutor Story: Tyler Crutchfield

“Football. I love sports… I played football, I played lacrosse, I ran track, the whole shebang.”

Tutor Story: Jarmila Wittman

“Triathlons. I love to run, bike, and swim.”

Tutor Story: Jorge Del’Angel

“Cooking. My all time best meal is tacos.”

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