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Data-Informed Strategies: The Keystone of Scalable Student Success

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The quest for student success in higher education is an ever-evolving journey. It's a path paved with the aspiration to not only educate but to ensure that each student thrives. The linchpin in this noble pursuit? Data. But not just any data—the right data, presented in a way that’s both actionable and scalable, ensuring that the support structures at colleges and universities can adapt and grow to help an ever-increasing and diverse student body.

Consider the story of the University of Colorado at Boulder's Buff Undergraduate Success initiative. Their innovative approach to student success, underscored by a robust data-informed strategy, has yielded tangible results: improved retention rates and a decade-high graduation rate. The key takeaway from their success is the irrefutable value of unified data that informs and guides decision-making processes.

Institutions across the nation are striving to replicate such success, but the challenges are varied. Chief among them is the ability to gather comprehensive, timely data that can translate into meaningful action. Learning center staff and administrators often grapple with the arduous task of gleaning insights from vast amounts of data. They need tools that not only streamline data collection but also present it in an intuitive, easily digestible format that can be acted upon without delay.

This need for clarity and utility in data presentation is where the true scalability of student support begins. With the right data at their fingertips, institutions can identify gaps in support, track the efficacy of interventions, and pivot strategies to meet the evolving needs of their students. The aim is to empower every educator, advisor and administrator to become a catalyst for student success with data as their compass.

When partnered with Knack, administrators have access to a dashboard containing valuable metrics and reports related to peer tutoring on campus. Here are just a few of the data points Knack partners have access to on their real-time dashboard:

  • Number of students being served
  • Number of active tutors
  • Number of tutor sessions requested and completed
  • Requested courses
  • Unfulfilled course requests
  • Cumulative number of tutoring hours completed (broken down by week and term)

It's important to recognize that while the need for better data is clear, the means to achieve it is just as crucial. This is where partnerships with organizations like Knack become invaluable. Knack's platform is designed to bridge the gap between data and action, offering a robust solution for institutions ready to enhance their academic support systems. By fostering such partnerships, the horizon of what's possible in student success expands, ensuring that every student's potential can be fully realized.

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