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From Pilot to Large-Scale: How the University of New Hampshire Scaled Peer Support for 430+ Unique Courses

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As evidenced by their undergraduate research, civic engagement, and work study programs, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) believes the best path for their students to develop into leaders is through hands-on experience. 

Campus leadership took this charge to heart when, after being encouraged by their students to do so, partnered with Knack to bolster their existing tutoring programs. What started as a pilot program supporting 11 courses, eventually evolved into a campus-wide program that supports all Durham undergraduate students in all courses. 

By partnering with Knack, UNH was able to effectively unlock the power of the High-Impact Practice (HIP) of peer tutoring to offer: 

  • Course-specific peer tutoring for students, by students 
  • Flexible scheduling that fits the needs of their students
  • Scalable virtual, part-time jobs providing meaningful professional development opportunities (paid only per session)

UNH’s enhanced tutoring network strengthened their peer learning community and increased accessibility to and engagement with academic resources.

“Knack has helped us strengthen the peer learning community on campus and cater to the varied needs of our student population,” said  Dr. Kate Ziemer, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at UNH. “Our tutoring programs facilitate the many ways our students learn and offer more personalized, accessible support at scale.” 

To learn more about how UNH’s partnership with Knack helped them achieve key student support objectives, including increasing their course support to 430+ unique courses, download our one-page snapshot of the partnership here. 


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