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Guide Your 2023-2024 Planning: Student Success Survey Review

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Planning for the next academic year is best done with ready-to-use data. Now more than ever, administrators need proof to validate the need for supplemental programs, additional staff and departmental changes.

Luckily, we have data from our student users available to you as your campus looks to revamp or supplement tutoring efforts. In our recent survey, we gathered feedback from 88 students across 20 different campuses and compiled our data here

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Highlights of our findings included:

  • 96.6% of students agreed that tutoring helped enhance their studies and learning strategies
  • 94.3% of students said they would return for additional tutoring services
  • 92% of students said they built self confidence by attending tutoring sessions
  • 94.3% of students saw improved grades as a result of tutoring

Students also shared the following feedback:

“Knack tutors have gone through the course ahead of us and provided insight that was very beneficial. They helped with test taking and learning the material. It was easy to navigate and the tutors made sure to break down concepts in a way which helped me to understand.” 

“I was able to get help outside of my professor, who I felt uncomfortable reaching out to for help. Tutors made it easier to approach getting help.”

These findings can be used as you plan for the upcoming academic year and look for new ways to bolster student success. Download the fully compiled data here.

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