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Wraparound Student Support: Foster a Culture of Equity on Campus

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Wraparound services in colleges and universities are designed to give all students the support they need throughout each day, whether the support is social, academic, or behavioral. What makes wraparound support unique is how its comprehensive approach empowers institutions to provide equitable support to students. 

Many students experience barriers to higher education that wraparound services can help address.  These services are critical to increasing the retention and persistence rates of students because they are intended to ensure a student’s full range of needs are addressed. The availability of these wraparound services can be the determining factor in whether a student accesses the support they need to persist toward their degree. 

Traditional Tutoring Support

Traditional tutoring programs on college and university campuses often exhibit any of the following constraints

  1. They only exist between specific business hours, excluding students who might have other obligations during the day. 
  2. They often miss historically underrepresented and underserved populations. Data suggests students from underrepresented backgrounds fear not belonging, worry about being seen asking for help by walking into a center, and may believe tutoring carries a stigma.
  3. They exclude students because of course restrictions.

When partnered with Knack, colleges and universities can scale tutoring support to address these potential constraints while also allowing existing campus tutoring programs to continue offering their current services. 


Knack’s Wraparound Support

In direct partnership with forward-thinking higher education institutions across the country, we at Knack are on a mission to make education more accessible and equitable, ensuring every student has access to the academic support they need to succeed. Campuses that partner with Knack are able to reach, engage, and retain more students, without increasing the overhead costs traditionally associated with student services. It’s a win-win.

Knack is the ultimate peer tutoring platform. We onboard students and provide training built in partnership with CRLA’s International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC). Powered by and for students, Knack connects qualified, vetted peer tutors with fellow students seeking support. 

And soon, Knack will provide further wraparound academic support for your students. In addition to our peer tutoring platform, we are launching a new, 24/7 network of on-demand, readily-available professional tutors beginning in the fall '23 semester, helping our partners offer tutoring support to even more students on campus.

Scheduled Peer Tutoring & On-Demand Professional Tutoring 

Knack’s wraparound tutoring support removes the explicit and implicit bias that can affect the retention and persistence of your students. Our goal is for tutoring support to be delivered in ways that lessen these equity gaps. Students unable to visit the learning center during traditional business hours and those who desire to quickly engage with a tutor will benefit from this on-demand, professional tutoring service. 

If you want to learn more about how Knack can help you provide support to all students on your campus through supplemental peer tutoring and our 24/7 professional tutoring option, schedule a conversation with us today or reach out to your Knack Partner Success Manager.