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How Hampton University Increased Tutoring Engagement by 50%

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In the fall of 2021, Hampton University (HU) sought to centralize their traditional tutoring programs in order to better support their 3,000+ students, including the approximately 300 students who were exclusively online. 

After extensive research, it was clear that Knack's turnkey, fully managed peer tutoring solution was the most effective way for them to enhance accessibility, boost engagement, and increase ROI. 

On October 13, Hampton University’s Jordan Carson and Knack’s Page Keller discussed how HU supercharged peer tutoring and increased engagement by 50% by partnering with Knack. 

Watch the full webinar or read key learnings from the event below.


Consolidating Tutoring Efforts Benefits Students & Staff 

Up until last academic year, HU managed two separate tutoring programs that they offered their students. This strategy required managing two different tutoring teams, budgets, payroll systems, recruiting campaigns, matching strategies, and more. This all resulted in tutors being limited in who they could serve and staff feeling overwhelmed.


After partnering with Knack, HU was able to easily consolidate their programs which led to an increase in tutor recruitment and a decrease in staff labor.


With the Right Platform & Support, Immediate Program Scaling is Possible 

Knack’s simple implementation and hands-on support team helped HU increase tutoring engagement by 50% in just one semester.  

“Knack has allowed us to streamline things and make tutoring more accessible for students, which has taken a lot of work off of my plate,” said Carson. 

Course coverage also increased by approximately 250% and the number of tutoring hours students received increased significantly.


Supporting All Students Starts with Supporting All Courses 

HU now offers tutoring in 134 unique courses, which is a significant increase from the approximately 30 courses they supported with tutoring before partnering with Knack. This increase in coverage means HU can engage and retain more students than ever before.


Knack Empowers Campuses to Deliver Personalized Academic Support at Scale

Throughout the webinar, Carson emphasized that HU was able to achieve desirable outcomes without adding overhead or staff. By investing as little as 30 minutes of staff time per week, HU was able to benefit from the following results: 

  • Course coverage increased by nearly 5x 
  • 75% of students who completed one tutoring session came back for a second session
  • On average, students at HU rated Knack tutoring sessions a 4.99 out of 5. 

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