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Peer Tutoring & Career Development

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Peer tutoring interactions serve as an excellent foundation for students to develop the skill sets needed to be successful in the workforce. When companies look to hire entry-level employees, it is often difficult to differentiate between the many similar resumes of recent college grads. Some students might have higher GPAs or might be more involved in leadership positions on campus, but you cannot truly understand what kind of employee someone will be based off of their paper resume alone. Consequently, employers are always looking to find better ways to assess whether or not potential candidates will be a good fit for the job (and the company as a whole).

You can achieve some of this through a well-developed interview process and speaking with references but, at the end of the day, these methods still leave a company wondering whether they’ve chosen the best person for the job. Luckily, employers can now gain added insight into who their applicants actually are by examining their use of the Knack tutoring marketplace.

This gives employers the opportunity to differentiate candidates based on accumulated data from thousands of interactions and identify the individuals with the hard knowledge and soft skills needed for their open positions. Employers who hire through Knack get the incredible opportunity to see what kind of worker their applicants really are, based off of candid feedback from real people and objective analysis of verified interactions.

Through our collection of unique data, employers can identify the hardest working, most dependable, best organized candidates available with the expertise needed to make them a great hire.