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New Recurring Sessions Feature Supports Relationship-Based Tutoring

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Relationship-based tutoring, consistent healthy habit formation, and tutor/tutee accountability have proven to positively impact student development and key student outcomes such as retention and persistence. Because of this, we’re excited to offer a new feature in our platform that allows students to set up recurring sessions with the same tutor every week.

Working with a dedicated tutor over time helps students build relationships that set them up for ongoing success, and our new “Recurring Sessions” feature makes engaging in frequent sessions a simple process for tutors and students.




Why should students schedule recurring sessions with a peer tutor?

  • Working with more than one tutor for the same course can be confusing. No two tutors are alike, and their varying approaches to the content might derail a student’s progress.
  • The student won’t have to bring a new tutor up to speed on the details of the course, their academic progress, or their unique learning style. 
  • Recurring sessions also allow the tutor to incorporate a student’s personal interests to increase motivation and buy-in.

A positive relationship between a student and a trusted tutor means the student will be more comfortable admitting when they are struggling. In turn, the student’s confidence is bolstered, and they are more motivated to succeed. 

Knack will surface the recurring sessions option to new students who sign up on the platform this fall and will notify all existing users of this exciting addition. Plus, any time a session is created, a student will be asked if they'd like to make this a recurring session. We know your students will be excited for this option!

To start a conversation about how your campus can use Knack’s tech-enabled tutoring model to boost persistence and retention, contact us here.