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Why We’ve Gone Remote & How We’re Doing It

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Well, it finally happened. Knack has gone remote. 

You may be thinking to yourself, “Well, duh,” — we don’t blame you. COVID-19 has made remote work a reality for many companies, but for us, it’s here to stay. 

Here’s how we came to the decision, and some insight into what work will look like for the Knack Pack moving forward. 

Back in March when the world shut down, Knack, like most other companies, moved entirely online. Some team members began working from their kitchen tables and home offices, while others returned to their hometowns to quarantine with their family. Our office on Franklin Street began collecting dust. Colleges and universities also had to move online, and their tutoring services followed suit. We began offering Knack for free to help these institutions and their students during the transition. 

What transpired after, we could have never predicted. From March to August, we experienced explosive growth and needed to expand our team to keep it going. We received an outpouring of qualified candidates who lived far beyond the Tampa city limits, but we didn’t feel comfortable asking people to pick up and move in a pandemic. It wasn’t responsible. It also wasn’t necessary. They could fulfill their roles from Colorado, Miami, and North Carolina just as well as they could, and would, from our office. Remote work was working for us, so why not give it a shot permanently?

So, the decision was made. Knack is now a fully remote team, with Tampa serving as home base. That being said, it’s important to us that our employees have a say. It’s critical that this process is collaborative. We’ve opened the door for feedback about what’s working for them, what’s not, and what we could be doing better. We want them to feel supported. Connected. So, here are a couple things we’re offering alongside our newfound workplace flexibility. 

  • Stipend for setting up a comfortable work-from-home environment (or towards a coworking space for those who would like an office outside of home.)
  • UberEats credits to replace our weekly catered lunches. 
  • Employees are welcome to visit coworkers and team members for in-person (socially distanced) brainstorms.

Our mission is to ensure that every student has access to quality academic support. That isn’t exclusive to a particular zip code. 

Now, we aren’t either.