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Dean Maura Mast of Fordham University Illuminates the Path to Peer Tutoring Success with Knack

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At the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) Annual Meeting in February 2024, Fordham University showcased its pioneering academic support strategy through a fruitful partnership with Knack, as eloquently detailed by Maura Mast, Dean of Fordham College at Rose Hill. Her insights into Fordham's strategic partnership with Knack painted a vivid picture of an academic support revolution, setting a benchmark for innovation, inclusivity, and empowerment in higher education.


Fostering a Strategic Alliance

The genesis of Fordham's partnership with Knack was rooted in a keen understanding of the limitations inherent in traditional tutoring models. Dean Mast candidly shared the university's pre-Knack challenges, highlighting the disjointed nature of their tutoring efforts. She explained that they were grappling with a system that, despite its best intentions, fell short of providing equitable access to tutoring for all students. This partnership emerged from a shared vision to create a seamless, effective tutoring ecosystem that could adapt to the diverse needs of Fordham's student body, leveraging technology to bridge gaps in academic support.


The Knack Effect: Transformative Outcomes

The impact of Fordham's collaboration with Knack is best illustrated by the numbers. Transitioning from approximately 1,000 hours of traditional tutoring to facilitating 2,500 sessions for 560 students on the Knack platform marked a significant milestone. This expansion was not just quantitative but qualitative, offering support across an extensive range of subjects and catering to the nuanced academic needs of the student population.

Dean Mast elaborated on the transformative nature of Knack's platform, emphasizing its role in making tutoring more approachable and less stigmatized. She explained that the beauty of Knack lies in its ability to provide help right when and where students need it, removing the barriers that often deter students from seeking support. This sentiment underscores the alignment between Knack's capabilities and Fordham's mission to nurture every student's potential, regardless of their academic standing.


Setting a New Standard in Academic Support

Fordham's journey with Knack is not just a story of overcoming logistical hurdles; it's about reimagining the landscape of academic support. The platform's intuitive design and robust feedback system ensure a personalized tutoring experience that holds both tutors and students to high standards. This dynamic approach has enabled Fordham to offer a more consistent and comprehensive support system, one that is reflective of the university's commitment to academic excellence and inclusivity.

Dean Mast reflected on the broader implications of this initiative, explaining that their partnership with Knack is more than just a solution to a problem; it's a step toward redefining what academic support can and should look like in the 21st century. This perspective highlights Fordham's role as a pioneer in leveraging technology to foster an educational environment where all students have the opportunity to succeed.


Beyond Success: A Vision for the Future

Fordham University's forward-thinking approach to peer tutoring in its collaboration with Knack is a beacon of innovation in higher education, demonstrating the immense potential of strategic partnerships to enhance student learning experiences. As Fordham continues to build on this success, its journey offers invaluable lessons for other institutions on the transformative power of embracing technology and collaboration in service of student success. Through this initiative, Fordham not only addresses current academic support challenges but also lays the groundwork for a more inclusive, effective, and resilient educational future.


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