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How Peer Tutoring Promotes Students’ Sense of Belonging

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Student participation in peer tutoring programs results in marked academic gains, but it’s often the affective improvements that impact a student’s full collegiate experience. The opportunity for students to receive academic support from peers who are also experienced role models impacts the tutees in a positive and productive manner, resulting in a greater sense of belonging.

What is Belonging?

We know that a college student’s sense of belonging has been found to predict the intention to persist; thus, colleges and universities must develop interventions that improve a student's feeling of belonging. To bolster this sense of belonging, students need to feel as though they can relate to others in the campus community. This feeling of belonging, according to researchers at Bangor University, is positively related to academic engagement, social engagement, surroundings, and personal space. 

Relationship-driven tutoring, when provided on a dynamic tutor platform like Knack’s, enhances a college student’s feeling of belonging within these four domains by providing curricular and interpersonal engagement, improved identity and general satisfaction level, as well as situational options for where the student might learn best.

Outcomes of the Peer Learning Relationship

A positive peer learning relationship with a trusted student tutor means college students will be more comfortable admitting when they’re struggling and asking for help—and in turn, they bolster their confidence, are more motivated to succeed, and ultimately, experience an increased sense of belonging. The interactions in a peer to peer learning environment include positive encouragement, feedback and support, which adds a protective layer to the student experience. Peer assisted learning generates an extra degree of support for the college journey and can ultimately benefit a student’s emotional and mental well-being. 

How the Knack Platform Helps Students Experience a Greater Sense of Belonging

When it comes to helping students and enhancing their collegiate experience, it’s imperative that colleges and universities provide equitable solutions so every student has the opportunity to succeed academically and thrive emotionally. On the Knack platform, qualified peer tutors are connected to students from the same campus, which forges these meaningful connections between students who might not have otherwise met. The sense of belonging that is fostered through these peer-to-peer tutoring relationships serve as a lever to promote success, engagement, and well-being in college.

To learn more about how your campus can increase student sense of belonging through large-scale peer tutoring, schedule a conversation with one of our peer tutoring experts today.