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Knack Earns Its 2024 SOC 2 Type 2 Certification

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Just under a year after announcing our System and Organizational Controls (SOC) 2 Type 1 certification, we’re proud to announce that Knack is entering the new year having undergone a more rigorous version of this certification: the SOC 2 Type 2. 

Certifications like SOC 2 show that Knack, and other organizations like it, are committed to security measures like process monitoring (how data is collected and stored), encryption control (how data is protected for security purposes), intrusion detection (how to keep bad actors away from the data), user access authentication (how to ensure those who have access, can do so securely), and disaster recovery (how breaches or leaks are handled).

This more expansive version of the SOC certification acknowledges the increasingly vulnerable state of data - according to one report by Verizon, 72% of large businesses and 28% of small businesses are victims of data breaches - and ensures that the business in question is committed to protecting it. When Knack sought SOC 2 certification last year, they did so in the Trust Service area of Security, meaningKnack has been evaluated for both the electronic and physical controls they use to protect student and institutional data. 

In this upgrade, Knack was evaluated in two additional areas: 

  • Confidentiality, meaning Knack has been evaluated for how data is stored, accessed and shared; and 
  • Availability, meaning Knack has been evaluated for whether its customers have access to the system as outlined in your contractual agreement(s) - service contracts, terms and conditions, and the like. 

Knack CTO David Stoker is among those excited about the SOC 2 credential. “We’ve continued to demonstrate our commitment by increasing our scope to include the Confidentiality and Availability Trust Service Criteria,” he said when talking about this new milestone.

As we mentioned in last year’s announcement, establishing and maintaining these controls is important to us as a company. These certifying tenets are known as Trust Service criteria, and we recognize their value in providing precisely that: a trusted service that not only trains and supports your peer tutoring efforts, but also supports the protection of your data.

A copy of the SOC 2 report and other Knack compliance documents can be requested through our Trust Center.