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Why We’ve Gone Remote & How We’re Doing It

Well, it finally happened. Knack has gone remote. 

Online or In-Person? With the Right Technology, it Shouldn’t Make a Difference

COVID-19 ushered in a new reality for higher education. What were once defined pathways such as...

The Importance of Soft Skills in a COVID-19 World

Soft skills, despite their misnomer, have always been crucial to academic and professional success. 

Why Knack Makes Sense For Students

Three years into my college experience, with 30+ courses under my belt, I’m still entirely unsure...

The Untapped Potential of Peer Support

Changes are inevitable for higher education. With shrinking budgets, hiring freezes, and overall...

A HIP Conversation With Dr. George Kuh

High-Impact Practices (HIPs) are a catalyst that can accelerate student learning and development....

3 Reasons Why Not Getting a Tutor May Be Holding You Back

As a college student, you probably hear a lot about the resources available to you. 

Signs You Should Become a Tutor

Ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a peer tutor? If you’ve never given it much thought...

College Friendships & Academic Success

We all know that social relationships are important in life. They can impact our overall success,...

How Super Mario Can Help You Boost Your GPA

Can Super Mario help you get better grades? Yes, according to Mark Rober, YouTube star and former...

The Hard Things About Soft Skills

Soft skills is a bit of misnomer. These skills are difficult (some might say “hard”) to train and...

The Curse of Knowledge

“Lectures starting in a place that is logical to the teacher, but not at all to the students.”